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Check the current fuel level

  • The current fuel level of tanks and silos is measured with fuel level sensors (or using CANBUS for vehicle tanks) and transmitted via SIM cards and displayed in the GPS Fleet Software.
  • The fuel tank level sensors are displayed in an online map with GPS location, adresses and the last fuel level values.
  • The most important tank paramenters such as dimensions, the volume of the tank or the weight of the full tank can be entered by the user. The GPS Fleet Software converts the current fuel level in percent or total amount of the tank in kilo or litres.
  • The tank fuel level is transmitted daily or even every 5 minutes.
tankmatix fuel level sensor history1

Observe the fuel level over time

  • Simply analyze the development of the historic fuel level using fuel level graphs and past fuel level data.
  • Fast control of sudden changes of fuel or fuel consumption jumps
  • Compare and analyze remote stationary fuel tanks or mobile fuel sensor data or CANBUS fuel data
tankmatix fuel level sensor history2

Fuel Loss Alert

  • The software users can set a minimum or maximum fuel level for getting alerts. If the fuel level in the tank exceeds the level or falls below the set limit, the Tankmatix Software triggers an alert.
  • The software users can be notified using SMS, email or call alerts so that the fuel tank owners can react promptly in office or via mobile smartphone apps on the move if the level of the tank or silo reaches a critical limit.
tankmatix sensor current gps position satellite view

GPS tracking for mobile tanks

  • Fuel level sensors can be mounted on trucks or heavy machinery to monitor the current GPS location, the fuel level and the speed on the Tankmatix software map.
tankmatix sensor current gps position

Tank fuel level and diesel consumption from trucks' engine CANBUS

  • The GPS Fleet Software collects fuel level, RPM values and total consumption data in graphs and reports.
  • CANBUS data such as the current fuel level or the total consumption can be gathered from the most modern trucks via the Fleet Management Standard interface.
  • Trucks, busses and cars that have no FMS interface, can use a CANBUS adapter with secure canbus connection to get the most important engine data such as the real odometer and the total consumption.
  • Sudden changes of the fuel level can trigger an alert (e.g. fuel loss, diesel theft).

Control of fuel station cards

  • Many fuel station cards (Routex cards, UTA fuel card, OMV, IQ, Shell, BP fuel cards...) deliver exact refill volumes and the correct timing.
  • Only the odometer that is tipped by the driver can be erroneous.
  • With the Tankmatix system you can compare the fuel station refill information with the real gps tracking odometer. This will help to get an accurate figure for the real fuel consumption over time.

TANKMATIX - Remote Fuel Control

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